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Laser Display Safety Training
Professional laser safety training for operators, installers and manufacturers of laser products; A day long course includes: course notes and certificate of completion, complete with buffet lunch and refreshments Laser training course booking information

Next training date : Monday 5th June 2017
at De Vere Hunton Park Hotel, nr Watford , London

Lasers can be dangerous and can cause hazards if they are not installed and operated safely. Standards, regulations, and guidance do exist for using lasers, but understanding what is and is not necessary for laser displays is a daunting task. Our Laser Display Safety training course is designed to teach you what's necessary to perform safe and enjoyable shows. The training course covers a wide range of laser safety topics targeted specifically for the light show and entertainment industry. You will learn about what the hazards are when using lasers, how to design safe shows and effects, along with what measurements and calculations are necessary to create safe audience scanning effects. You will also learn how to prepare risk assessments and work with the local authorities. Any person or venue operating a laser display that has an output power of more than 5mW needs to appoint a Laser Safety Officer (LSO) who is responsible for overseeing the safe installation and operation of the laser display. The topics covered in our safety course have been designed to help the laser user ensure they have the knowledge required to perform safe and legal laser displays. The cost of our safety course is probably much less than what most operators would charge for a single laser show event; and with regulators having the authority to say no to a display if they are not happy with things, attending one of our courses and making sure you are aware of what's needed, can help you to avoid running into any such problems.

The one day course covers a wealth of information essential to anyone involved in the laser display industry that wants to ensure that their knowledge on laser matters is sufficient and is up to date with the latest developments including the new regulations that are known as the Control of Artificial Optical Radiation at Work Regulations 2010, which become active in April 2010.  They are derived from the EU Artificial Optical Radiation Directive (AORD ), which is intended to set a minimum level of health and safety for workers across all EU member states.

This course also meets the requirements of the ILDA Pro Accreditation Scheme, where successful completion of the exam can be used to support applying for ILDA Pro Laser Company Status.


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In addition to the subjects covered in the course, everyone that attends and completes the course is given a copy of our Laser Display Safety Handbook, and receives a Certificate of Attendance. Each Certificate of Attendance has a unique serial number on it allowing attendees to register free of charge to our new online database of Registered Laser Safety Operators.

The course has been written by laser safety expert and laser display designer, James Stewart.
The topics in the course have been designed to cover the specific issues that are relevant, and sometimes unique to laser displays. James is able to combine over 20 years of experience, with the knowledge gained from extensive laser safety research work he has been involved in.

The course covers the key aspects that need to be considered by anybody involved in working with laser displays, combining theory with practical examples. Gain valuable knowledge and insight into what is necessary to perform safe & enjoyable laser displays.

Laser training course booking information

Previous course attendees comments

"Just a quick one to say thanks for the very informative day. Some interesting points were raised, and answered very well by James."

"Thank you very much for the course - I was impressed with your technical knowledge of the subject."

"I would just like to thank you for yesterdays course. It was good to hear everyones views on audience scanning."

"I learnt a huge amount and had most of my previous knowledge verified it was great."

"We both agreed how worthwhile it was and gave us both more confidence to go out and look for more work."

"Thanks & congratulations on a great & informative training session. It was great to not only meet, but share thethoughts of other laserists with the common goal of safety & protection of our trade."

"Anyone who has considered it in the past should go and anyone who hasn't considered it, should."

The whole day was very informal - which made it nice and relaxed and the course was interesting and informative, James presented it well and was happy to go off at a tangent to discuss other laser show aspects - this happend a number of times. Overall a good day and highly recomended. Appart from anything else it was good to be able to chat with like minded nerds."

"It was a good course and I personally gained lots of useful information from it."

"The course was very informative, thoroughly enjoyable & I highly recommend it. Great to meet like-minded loons to talk lasers non-stop."

"We felt the course was very well constructed and delivered and certainly increased our understanding of laser show safety. The section on audience scanning was very useful and I feel that James succeeded in simplifying a complex subject which I hope ultimately will result in our being able to deliver safe audience scanning visuals."

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